District 12 Norfolk About Us


With over 600 members from the former Norfolk Board of Education, the Haldimand Norfolk Roman Catholic Separate School Board, the current Grand Erie District School Board and the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board, we enjoy the many wonderful features of life in Norfolk County. Norfolk County lies along Ontario's South Coast of Lake Erie, in the heart of Carolinian Canada and boasts some of the highest ecological diversity of animals, plants and natural habitats in Canada. Long Point is just one of our distictive geographical features.

Norfolk County is also Ontario's Garden growing a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. In fact, our farms are the leading Ontario growers of apples, asparagus, strawberries, sweet potatoes, ginseng, and pumpkins to name but a few!  We have been officially designated as Ontario's newest Wine Region. We live and eat very well!

Norfolk is the host of Ontario's fourth largest agricultural fair and we celebrated its 175th year in 2016. 

Take an aerial view of our county with this link.   
Norfolk County Flyover




















Every Friday the 13th, the town of Port Dover hosts as many as 100,000 people as bikers congregate from far and wide to display their choppers along the main streets.



The Long Point area is on one of North America's bird migratory flight paths. Bird Studies Canada is located here. You'll see huge gatherings of Tundra Swans in early Spring.









Waterford is home to Pumpkinfest every October and the town and surrounding fields are an orange ocean.








Simcoe is the home of the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show held in early October until Thanksgiving and is one of Ontario's largest and oldest fairs.



Le Tour de Norfolk is a summer cycling event that showcases the many paved and tranquil backroads throughout our county.